Thinking in “French in Action”

You know you are on the right path when the language starts to invade your thoughts.

I’ve now watched two episodes of French in Action while following along with the accompanying text, and my goal is to finish the 50+ episode series by the end of 2018. I’ve noticed several things:

  1. Reading along with the text for the first half of the program is beneficial. It improves comprehension and lets me see how words are pronounced in French.
  2. So far, the dialogue in the text stops around halfway through the episode. This is good design. By the time I get to the second half I am already thinking in French, so I can focus all my attention on listening to the language. Listening comprehension is key when acquiring a new language.
  3. I was thinking in French for hours after watching episode II. Nous allons apprendre le français. Vous allez écouter. Je vais proposer une histoire et vous allez discuter. This is a good sign. My brain is starting to assimilate the language.
  4. The language is repetitive enough to pick up high frequency vocabulary, yet varied enough to keep my mind focused. Great balance, but maybe a bit too difficult for a true beginner.
  5. A half-hour (really only ~25 minutes if you ignore the intro/outro) lesson is perfect. My working memory is fried after that. 
  6. The professor is happy all the time. I need to be happier. Fortunately, learning languages makes me happy.

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